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Kind of Natural Health Supplements

Vitamins are a accumulation of compounds that are acclimated by the anatomy in a array of biological functions. Unfortunately, ailing bistro habits and poor comestible concepts accept meant that the aliment best Americans eat today is amiss in capital minerals and vitamins. The bearings has been added circuitous by the abridgement of acquaintance back it comes to vitamins, and bodies are generally blind that problems they are experiencing can be convalescent by arresting vitamin supplements. To added acceptable accept the role played by vitamin supplements in people’s accustomed lives and why vitamin supplements are important, it is capital to accept the assorted vitamins bare by the body.

Vitamin A (Commonly accepted as Retinol)

Vitamin A is affluent in aliment like butter, lemon, candied potatoes, carrots, collard greens, milk, beetroot, pumpkin, spinach, beef, apple, winter squash, apricots, cantaloupe melon, mango, liver, (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish) eggs, broccoli, and abounding vegetables. Absence of vitamin A causes abundant eyes accompanying problems and additionally causes aberrant graying of beard follicles. Cosmetically, Vitamin A supplements are acclimated to advance the arrangement and backbone of hair.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B supplements are usually a admixture of added than one vitamin and frequently accommodate Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Each vitamin mentioned aloft plays a different role in the body’s activity and absence of B vitamins can account annihilation from brainy bloom problems to anemia. B vitamins are additionally amenable for advantageous bark and are recommended to bodies that are adversity from bark altitude like acne.

Vitamin C (Also accepted as Ascorbic Acid)

Popular sources of Vitamin C accommodate oranges, lemons and added citrus fruits. Abridgement of Vitamin C was aggressive amid sailors in the aboriginal 18th aeon and acquired a ache alleged scurvy. Vitamin C is additionally a almighty anti-oxidant and is accepted to action stress; vitamin C is additionally acclimated abundantly as an anti-aging agent. Vitamin C is additionally an accretion to abounding face creams, toothpastes and added adorableness products. Vitamin C supplements are one of the best frequently captivated vitamin supplements on the planet. Although Vitamin C is artlessly begin in abounding foodstuffs, processes like beef frying and burden affable usually abort the vitamin C present in aliment like craven and meat.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an capital vitamin for a advantageous body; Vitamin D absence causes cartilage deformities and is capital for growing children. In adults, vitamin D is additionally amenable for advantageous kidneys and angry blight and tumors. Best multi-vitamin supplements appear with the all-important quantities of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is additionally amenable for advantageous nails and bark (as it regulates the calcium metabolism).

Vitamin E

Vitamin E absence is actual attenuate as alike clutter aliment is affluent in vitamin E. The accepted sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils such as approach oil, sunflower, corn, soybean, and olive oil. Nuts, sunflower seeds, sea buckthorn berries, kiwi fruit, and aureate antibody are additionally acceptable sources of Vitamin E. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is additionally a almighty anti-oxidant and is an accretion in abounding adorableness articles (especially fresh age anti-ageing creams).

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Use Caution With Herbal Weight Loss Products

Using herbal weight loss articles is addition amid the anytime accretion account of options out there to lose weight. You accept best acceptable apparent them all, the exercise programs, machines, supplements and foods, the drinks and the pills, but herbal articles accept been acclimated for centuries with abundant success. Isn't it time that you started "going herbal?"

Herbal weight loss articles are accepting added absorption these canicule as bodies are attractive for added accustomed means of loss weight. They are advertent that alike admitting after-effects tend to booty a little best with herbal products, they are healthier, feel added acceptable and accumulate the weight off best than with actinic diet pills.

Weight loss with Herbal Products

There are so abounding articles advised accurately for weight loss with herbal articles out there today that it would be absurd to account them all here. A quick internet chase will accompany aback affluence of results.

Many of these articles are advantageous and beneficial, but you do charge to anxiously apprehend labels and capacity afore you go out and try some of these herbal products. Remember, aloof because it says "all natural" or "herbal" or alike "organic" does not necessarily beggarly that it is acceptable for you, or that there are no ancillary furnishings or risks.

Below are listed some herbal weight loss articles to be accurate in taking, and afore putting annihilation into your body, ask your doctor about any accessible complications with your concrete condition, or medication that you are taking. You don't charge to address these compounds off completely, aloof be accurate and use as directed.

Here are some specific capacity in herbal articles to use with caution:

St John's Wort is taken to advice accumulate accent beneath ascendancy and advice with depression. It works by accretion assembly of assertive chemicals in the brain. Improper use may account eye and bark affliction and sensitivity, abdomen upset, fatigue and itching.

Senna is a accustomed herbal laxative and is acclimated in abounding weight loss teas and absolve formulas and works by aesthetic movement through the colon. Acclimated appropriately this is actual effective; however, if you are not accurate it could aftereffect in aridity and problems with accustomed decay elimination.

Chromium Picolinate is begin in absolutely a few herbal weight loss articles and helps adapt claret amoroso levels. Caution on demography too abundant as overdosing can loss chromosomes in the continued appellation and aridity abbreviate term.

Do your research, allocution with your doctor and apperceive afore you booty annihilation what accessible adverse furnishings to be on the anchor for, and use according to directions. Apperceive what herbal weight loss articles you are demography and how it can affect you afore you alpha bustling herbal diet pills.

Organic Food

Organic aliment has accomplished the akin of acceptance that it is now accessible in your bounded mega aliment mart. During the summertime months, attending for a bounded farmer's bazaar to acquisition advantageous amoebic and artlessly aloft meat and produce.

Don't get captivated up in the chat "organic" as it is a actual continued and big-ticket action to get certified amoebic and this is out of ability for abounding bounded baby farms. However, abounding added baby farms are growing their meat and aftermath application all accustomed methods. Get to apperceive some of the bounded farmers at the bazaar and they will be animated to acquaint you how they abound their food, and as in any market, you will acquisition the ones you can trust. These farms use "organic methods" but abridgement the assets to get the official certified label.

Like annihilation abroad these days, aloof because it says "organic" on the characterization does not beggarly that it is acceptable for you. There are growers who acquaint as organic, but are not, and sometimes the aftermath leaves the acreage in a authentic wholesome state, but by the time it hits the shelves in your big alternation supermarket, it has been sprayed, dyed, waxed and packaged.

One of the complete best things you can do to become a convalescent and slimmer being is to stop bistro packaged and candy foods. These foods are brimming abounding of chemicals that you do not appetite entering your body. And accede application herbal weight loss articles to get aback in shape. Go local, go natural, go organic, and go herbal!

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Acne Natural Treatment

acne occurs when the natural oils that the skin produces gets clogged in the pores of the skin. Normally, acne is prevalent in the onset of puberty when the body starts to produce hormones, it has also been known to be a problem for women during pregnancy. Since acne is a problem for people world wide, there are many forms of treatment, products and medications on the market.
A natural acne treatment is the preferred choice for many people. As with many other conditions, more and more people are turning to natural and alternative options.
Natural treatments for acne have advantages over some other types of acne medicine. Some of these include minimal side effects, lower cost and being less invasive.
1 tsp. Honey mixed with water is good for all skin blemishes, and leaves the skin youthful & glowing. Honey mixed with milk, curds and ground sesame seeds in equal proportions is a sure formula for fair and lovely skin.

One very useful spice in treating acne is turmeric. Taken both internally and applied directly on affected skin, it helps a lot due to its antiseptic properties. Taken internally, particularly with warm milk, it helps our immune system and is generally used in India to get rid of colds, and applied as warm poultice in treating inflamed skin due to sprain and strain. In the treatment of acne, turmeric is useful in drying out acne and removing blemishes.

The juice of green/raw papaya (including the skin and seed) is extremely beneficial on swelling pimples, acne,or any abnormal growth of the skin. It prevents pus formation, removes whiteheads, boils, freckles, and brown spots due to exposure to sunlight & most other skin diseases.Papaya is also good to achieve a smooth & delicately glowing skin (contains papain, alkalide carpain in leaves, and cericin in its seeds) Ripe papaya, rubbed on on your face will also serve the same purpose to a degree.

The healing properties of olive leaves and olive leaf extract can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. The consumption of olive leaf tea in many cultures has been used to combat afflictions such as infections, fevers and coughs. In addition to olive leaf tea, olive leaf extract has been utilized in many methods to aid in remedying skin issues including acne breakouts.
A raw potato is cheap and brilliant acne natural cure, especially for whiteheads. The vitamin C makes your skin glow, and alkaline in the potato kills the bacteria on your face. The potato also has an exfoliating effect helping you to get rid of dead skin cells. Papaya fruit produces similar effect,you should also use it raw.

What makes great Skincare Products Great?

Plenty of skin care products that you use today are probably brimming with chemicals which can worsen your skin’s state and its health. So why not stay safe and go for the BEST OF THE BEST: Herbal skin care! And so you ask, what makes these great herbal products so great after all….

It’s a good idea to use herbal skin care products because they are after all, 100% NATURAL with little or even NO side effects at all! How much better can things get? It’s also important that you remember that your skin, literally, EATS whatever you put on it. This means that whatever you rub into your skin will eventually end up in your bloodstream; so it’s of utmost importance that the ingredients of what you use on your skin are actually things which you would eat. So great skin care products can actually (literally) be eaten!

Herbal products also contain a great variety of natural ingredients ranging from coconut oil to honey. Such ingredients can be easily absorbed by the skin and will in turn promote healthy glowing skin! Go for a natural herbal exfoliator made up of ground almonds or walnuts; such a product will help remove dead skin cells and will therefore allow your skin to absorb more nutrition.

Most great skin care products are packed with natural ingredients like almond oil. Almond oil is a great skin nourisher since it’s loaded with nutrients which your skin will die to have. Furthermore, sesame oil is another vital ingredient in many products.

Other infamous ingredients include tea tree oil which is a proven, 100% effective antiseptic. Aloe Vera is known for its cooling effect and its ability to take years off your skin. It also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating actions as well as large quantities of vitamins E and C, zinc, and amino acids giving it plenty of healing properties. For those with acne prone skin, the best skin care product for you will have basil and turmeric as ingredients. These have anti-bacterial properties which help rid you of acne. It is also widely known that rose geranium contains chemicals which make it an extremely powerful antimicrobial product making this plant useful in acne curing too.

Grape seed extract is another ingredient which makes its way into plenty of cosmetics. This extract contains plenty of power antioxidants called proanthocyanidins. Green tea is found in mostly cleansers. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties making it effective in its cleansing properties.

Similar to the above mentioned ingredients, there are plenty of natural ingredients which make up herbal products. So now you know which great skin care products are so great.

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masker alami wajah

Buah-buahan ternyata bisa dimanfaatkan menjadi bahan kecantikan. Salah satunya adalah dibuat masker. Tak ada salahnya untuk mencoba masker buah-buahan ini.

Salah satu cara mengembalikan kesegaran wajah adalah mengencangkannya kembali dengan menggunakan masker dari buah.

Penggunaan masker pada wajah memiliki bebearapa manfaat. Selain melembutkan kulit , fungsi masker adalah membuka pori-pori yang tersumbat karena kotoran, debu, maupun sisa kosmetik yang tidak bisa hilang karena pembersih biasa. Masker juga dapat mengembalikan kelembaban dan kehalusan kulit. Memberi masker pada wajah sama dengan merilekskan otot-otot wajah. Sebaiknya gunakan masker 1-2 kali seminggu, kulit akan tampak cerah dan kencang.

Anda juga bisa menggunakan berbagai resep masker alami dengan mudah, dari berbagai jenis buah-buahan. Cara membuatnya juga tidak rumit, Anda hanya tinggal memilih jenis buah yang dengan kandungan yang cocok dengan jenis wajah kita, lalu hancurkan buah tersebut dengan cara menumbuknya. Apabila hasil tumbukan kental, tambahkan yoghurt. Bila terlalu encer tambahkan komposisi bahan utama yang digunakan. Oleskan dengan lembut pada wajah dan leher, namun jangan sampai mengenai mata.

Banyak sekali buah-buahan yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat masker alami ini, diantaranya seperti, avokad, stroberi, almond, lemon, dan anggur.

Pada umumnya aneka buah-buahan alami aman digunakan pada kulit apabila dalam dosis yang tepat. Namun pada kukit sensitif, kadang masih bereaksi pada bahan alami tersebut, seperti gatal atau iritasi ringan. Untuk mencobanya pada kulit, oleskan sedikit bahan masker tersebutdi punggung tangan atu wajah selama beberapa saat. Bila kulit tidak merasakan gatal atau yang lainnya, Itu berarti kulit kulit Anda aman dengan kandungan bahan masker tersebut. Selamat Mencoba.


Khasiat :
Buah berwarna cerah ini banyak mengandung asam salisiat (salah satu jenis asam beta- hidroksi yang membantu mengencangan kulit), silika, serta vitamin B, C, E dan K. Dengan kemampuannya menyehatkan dan meremajakan kulit. Masker ini cocok digunakan untuk hampir semua jenis kulit. Dapat digunakan 2x dalam seminggu.
Cara Membuatnya & Menggunakannya :
• Hancurkan beberapa buah stroberi yang telah dipisahkan dari tangkai dan daunnya
• Usapkan 2 sendok makan hancuran stroberi tadi pada wajah dan biarkan selama 15 menit
• Setelah itu, bilas dengan air steril atau air hangat biasa
• Untuk mendapat efek toning yang lebih kuat, tambahkan sedikit putih telur, kocok, satu sendok makan air mawar dan beberapa tetes minyak esensial yang aman dengan kulit wajah.


Khasiat :
Avokad kaya akan asam amino dan vitamin, sehingga cocok digunakan sebagai masker pencegah penuaan dini pada kulit wajah.
Cara Membuat & Mengguna kannya :
- Untuk Kulit Wajah Kering
• Tumbuk daging avokad matangdengan garpu
• Oleskan pada wajah, biarkan selama 30 menit
• Bilas dengan air hangat atau air mawar mengunakan kapas
- Untuk Kulit normal
• Tambahkan putih telur yang dikocok sebentar
• Bagi kulit lembab, perlu ditambahkan pula madu ( organik bila ada ) , kemudian aduk rata dengan hancurandaging avokad dan putih telur kocok .


Khasiat :
Dapat menghaluskan kulit kasar karena banyak mengandung mineral, vitamin A dan B, dan asam oleat. Almond dapat dibuat menjadi masker maupun lotion. Dapat digunakan 1x dalam seminggu.
Cara Membuat & Menggunakannya :
• Hancurkan sekitar 50 gram almond kupasdengan mortar atau food processor
• Kocok 3 sendok makan susu full-fat sampai membentuk pasta halus ( tidak perlu terlalu lama )
• Bila perlu, tambahkan 1 atau 2 tetes rose otto essensial oil
• Oleskan pada wajah dan biarkan samapi kering
• Kemudian bersihkan dengan kapasdan air hangat


Khasiat :
Mengandung protein, fosfor,besi, belerang, vitamin A, B1, dan C.
Cara Membuat & Menggunakannya :
- Untuk menghaluskan wajah
• Ambil tomat yang sudah matang, iris dan gosokkan pada wajah
• Atau, bisa juga buah tomat diperas, kemudian air perasannya dioleskan setiap hari ke wajah
- Untuk pelindung dari sengatan matahari
• Ambil daun tomat secukupnya
• Lalu remas-remas dengan sedikit air
• Kemudian tempelkan pada wajah sebagai penyejuk wajah


Khasiat :
Kaya akan trace mineral, kalsium, magnesiaum, potassum, vitamin B1, B2, b3, B5, B6, C dan senyawa-senyawa flavonoid. Hampir semua jenis anggur yang warnanya berbeda, dapat digunkan untuk lotion. Perlu diperhatikan jus anggur yang telah dibuat, harus disaring terlebih dahulu. Lotion anggur dapat digunkan setiap hari karena baik digunakan untuk hampir semua jenis kulit.
Cara Membuat & Menggunakannya :
• Hancurkan beberapa anggur yang culup untuk menghasilkan 2 sendok makan jus.
• Saring jus tersebut
• Oleskan pada wajah dengan menggunakan kapas
• Setelah 20 menit, bilas dengan air mawar


Khasiat :
Mengandung vitamin A, C, B1, B2, dan B3. Sangat baik untuk kulit berminyak, namun lotionnya juga bekerja efektif pada kulit normal. Dapat digunakan setipa hari.
Cara Membuat & Menggunakannya :
( untuk satu minggu pemakaian )
• Tambahkan 1 sendok teh jus lemon pada putih telor kocok
• Oleskan pada wajah dan biarkan 10 menit
• Setelah itu bersihkan dengan air mawar atau air hangat
Cara Membuat Lotion Lemon :
• Tambahkan satu sendok teh jus lemon pada 100 ml air mawar dan 50ml witchazel
• Usapkan pada wajah dengan kapas bersih


Khasiat :
Mengandung serotinin, pektin, tanin, noradrenalin, 5 hidroksitritamin, dopamin dan berbagai vitamin, seperti vitamin A, B kompleks dan C . Digunakan sebagai pelembab wajah.
Cara Membuat & Menggunakannya :
• Ambil pisang ambon yang sudah mask lalu hancurkan
• Tambahkan minyak zaitun
• Gunakan dan ulangi secara teratur ramuan tersebut sebagai bedak

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Kosmetik berbahaya terbaru..

1. Doctor Kayama (Whitening Day Cream) diproduksi oleh CV. Estetika Karya Pratama, Jakarta mengandung merkuri.

2. Doctor Kayama (Whitening Night Cream) diproduksi oleh CV. Estetika Karya Pratama, Jakarta mengandung merkuri.

3. MRC Putri Salju Cream diproduksi oleh CV. Ngongoh Cosmetic, Bekasi mengandung retinoic acid.

4. MRC PS Crystal Cream diproduksi oleh CV. Ngongoh Cosmetic, Bekasi mengandung retinoic acid.

5. Blossom Day Cream, tak diketahui produsennya, mengandung Merkuri.

6.Blossom Night Cream, tak diketahui produsennya, mengandung Merkuri.

7. Cream Malam, distributor Lily Cosmetics, Yogyakarta mengandung Merkuri.

8. Day Cream Vitamin E Herbal diproduksi PT. Locos, Bandung mengandung Merkuri.

9. Locos Anti Flek Vit.E dan Herbal diproduksi PT. Locos, Bandung mengandung Merkuri.

10. Night Cream Vitamin E Herbal diproduksi PT. Locos, Bandung mengandung Merkuri.

11. Kosmetik Ibu Sari Krim Siang, tidak ada produsennya, mengandung Merkuri.

12. Krim Malam, tidak ada produsennya, mengandung Merkuri.

13. Meei Yung (putih) diimpor dari Huang Zhou mengandung Merkuri.

14. Meei Yung (kuning) diimpor dari Huang Zhou mengandung Merkuri.

15. New Rody Special (putih) diimpor dari Shenzhen, China mengandung Merkuri.

16. New Rody Special (kuning) diimpor dari Shenzen, China mengandung Merkuri.

17. Shee Na Whitening Pearl Cream dari Atlie Cosmetic mengandung Merkuri

18. Aily Cake 2 in 1 Eye Shadow "01", tidak ada produsennya, mengandung merah K.3.

19. Baolishi Eye Shadow diproduksi dari Baolishi Group Hongkong mengandung Rhodamin B (merah K.10).

20. Cameo Make Up Kit 3 in 1 Two Way Cake dan Multi Eye Shadow dan Blush dari Tailamei Cosmetic Industrial Company mengandung Rhodamin B.

21. Cressida Eye Shadow, tak ada produsennya, mengandung Rhodamin B.

22. KAI Eye Shadoq dan Blush On mengandung Rhodamin B.

23. Meixue Yizu Eye Shadow diproduksi oleh Meixue Cosmetic Co.Ltd mengandung Merah K.10.

24. Noubeier Blusher diproduksi oleh Taizhou Xhongcun Tianyuan mengandung Merah K 3.

25. Noubeier Blush On mengandung merah K 3 dan Rhodamin B.

26. Noubeier Pro-make up Blusher No.5 diproduksi oleh Taizhou Zhongcun Tianyuan Daily-Use Chemivals Co Ltd mengandung merah K3.

27. Sutsyu Eye Shadow diproduksi oleh Sutsyu Corp Tokyo mengandung Merah K3.

tips payudara indah

1.temukan dua telapak tangan kemudian, lipat antara jari jemari tangan
dorong dan tarik-menarik antar telapak tangan hingga 1 menit dan ulangi 10 x
2.lipat dua tangan didepan dada dengan tangan kanan pegang siku kiri dan sebaliknya tarik-menarik dan tekan antar tangan, hingga 1 menit dan ulangi 10x
3.lipat dua tangan didepan dada dengan tangan kanan dibawah tangan kiri dan antar jari dipertemukan ditengah dada tarik-menarik antar tangan, hingga 1 menit dan ulangi 10x
4.Push up dengan posisi lutut menempel ke lantai, ulangi gerakan selama 10x
ingat...lakukan secara rutin dan terus menerus..
Ada kesalahan di dalam gadget ini